Delicious Cuban Ceviche Recipe!


While in Havana, I took a cooking class at Espacios and learned to make a dish called ceviche.  It’s raw fish served on pesto and fried plantains.  I was a little cautious about eating raw fish but the chef let me know that the lime juice/salt “cooked” the fish.  I gave it a try and absolutely loved it!  It was delicious and didn’t take long to make.  It’s a great appetizer for a small gathering or the perfect snack in between meals. Continue reading “Delicious Cuban Ceviche Recipe!”

3 Day Getaway to Havana, Cuba

DearWorldTraveler - 3 Days in Havana, Cuba



Let’s start with how to pronounce Havana, Cuba like a local.  For Havana, drop the “h” and replace the “v” with a “b” to get “Abana”.  For Cuba, replace the “u” with “oo” for “Cooba”. Now say them together…Abana, Cooba.  It may look weird but the sound is authentic! 🙂

The beginning of my trip started out a little rocky.  We arrived at the airline counter in Miami to catch our 8am flight only to be told that they didn’t have our tickets or Visas! Continue reading “3 Day Getaway to Havana, Cuba”

[Feature] – Nairobi: Fearless Solo Travel


Have you ever booked a trip to a foreign country that you’ve never visited before and are forced to travel there alone when your friend drops out at the last minute?  Featured writer, Toni Rollins, gives the rundown on her unplanned solo trip to Nairobi, Kenya and how it was an adventure of a lifetime! Continue reading “[Feature] – Nairobi: Fearless Solo Travel”