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Welcome to the site!!  I’m Phylicia.  A southern girl who loves chocolate, warm weather, exploring new places and Whitney Houston!

Since I was a kid I’ve also had a love for the arts and as I’ve gotten older that love has developed into a passion for photography.  As much as I enjoy photography I’ve struggled with calling myself a photographer and have shied away from sharing my work.  I’ve been known to take hundreds (maybe even thousands) of photos at family gatherings and on trips.  I organize the photos, edit them and then…they sit on my computer for all of eternity.  There was always a feeling that no one really cared that much about my photos and the joy in taking the pics was enough.  That I just needed to get my creative juices out.  It was really my excuse for avoiding criticism.  Erykah Badu said it best – “…I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my [stuff].”  She didn’t quite use the word “stuff” but you get the point. 🙂

A trip to Thailand changed all of that for me.  After riding a bike through the crazed streets of Bangkok and exploring age-old caves in Phuket, I thought “I have to show this to everybody!”.  During the trip I immediately started uploading photos to my Google drive and sharing them with family and friends.  That’s when I realized that my love for photography could easily be merged with my love for travel! (Yep, an aha moment.)

This blog is a way for my photos and explorations around the world to have real meaning.  A way for me to share my travel experiences with you.  A way for my experiences to inspire you to escape to unseen places, discover the world and seize the moment!

Thanks for reading a little bit about me!  Now I’d like to learn a little bit about you!  Subscribe to the blog and tell me about some of your best travel stories, travel fears, favorite foods or just to say “Hello!” 🙂