#1 Thing to do in Italy


Italy is rich with gorgeous views and historic sites.  However, let it be known, the number one thing to do when in town is eat!  Here are mouth watering pictures of the meals I ate while touring Italy along with a few recommendations of restaurants to try.

To help your mind digest all the deliciousness that’s about to take over your screen I’ve grouped the meals into categories.

Let’s start with the first one…


You can’t go to Italy without eating pasta…right?


Recommended dishes and restaurants:



But of course!  One restaurant that I would absolutely recommend is I Capatosta in Milan.  I had an unforgettable sausage and mushroom pizza.  The bread was light and soft with the perfect amount of toppings.  I don’t think I can do a good job explaining the quality of the pizza.  So let me just say I now have a hard time enjoying any other pizza after that experience.



This should go without saying…eat…a lot…of gelato…while in Italy.  It is absolutely one of the best creations on earth!  It’s filled with perfection that tastes like ice cream (but way better) or sorbet (but smoother).



Bread treats are always nice!



A few slices of prosciutto work well as an afternoon snack.  It’s dry-cured ham that originated in Italy.



A light cocktail drink made of prosecco, Aperol and sparkling water.  Great to have with any meal.



If you still aren’t convinced, here are more pics of the #1 thing to do in Italy.  🙂


This sums up what I enjoy doing the most while in Italy.  Have you traveled there?  Comment below and let me know the #1 thing you like doing.




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