10 Things To Know Before Visiting Bangkok

1. Everything in Bangkok is free!! (Well almost)…

A dozen roses in the Bangkok flower market costs about 60 baht or $2 USD…I can’t even get one rose for $2 at home.  The exchange rate is about 35 thai baht to 1 US dollar.  This makes Bangkok the perfect place to go if you’re on a tight budget.  Local vendors are also willing to negotiate so be ready to bargain!

DearWorldTraveler - Bangkok

2. Carry hotel card at all times…

Our hotel gave us a card with their address on it in both English and Thai.  This came in handy when we met a taxi or tuk tuk driver that didn’t speak English.  We could easily give them the card to communicate how to get to our hotel.

DearWorldTraveler - Bangkok Tips

3. Make sure taxi meters are running…

Taxi drivers easily spot tourists and overcharge by turning off their meter.  Make sure the meter is running when you take a taxi.

DearWorldTraveler - Bangkok Tips

4. Visit temples in the morning to avoid crowds…

Temples in Bangkok are popular tourist attractions.  Try to arrive early so you aren’t caught in the masses.

DearWorldTraveler - Bangkok Tips

5. Check temple dress codes…

Wat Pho temple requires that your shoulders and legs are covered when visiting Reclining Buddha.  You’re also required to remove your shoes.  Be sure to check the dress code of the temples before you go so that you aren’t denied entry.

DearWorldTraveler - Bangkok Tips

6. Allow time to get stuck in traffic…

Traffic in Bangkok is craaaaazzzy (I should probably add one more ‘z’).  So yea, plan accordingly.

DearWorldTraveler - Bangkok Tips

7. Say “Hello”…

“Hello” in Thai is “sa wa dee khrap” for men and “sa wat dee kha” for women.  It’s very important for men to say “khrap” (pronounced cup) at the end so they aren’t mistaken for a “lady boy”. 🙂

DearWorldTraveler - Bangkok Tips

8. Bow when greeting someone…

When greeting someone, bow to show respect, say “sa wat dee kharp (or kha)” and cup your hands together as you bow.  The cupping of your hands is key as it models the shape of a lotus flower; an important symbol in Buddhism.  (One thing to note…I didn’t bow very often.  Most of the people I met easily spotted me as a tourist and just said “Hello”.)

DearWorldTraveler - Bangkok Tips

9. Get a custom shirt…

A tuk tuk driver took us on an unplanned/unsolicited adventure to a custom suit shop.  Surprisingly, my husband ordered four custom made dress shirts for a total of about 2,800 baht (that’s only about $80 USD…total…for all 4 custom tailored shirts).  The shirts were made and delivered directly to our hotel the next day.  Not only were the shirts practically free but they fit my husband perfectly!

DearWorldTraveler - Bangkok Tips

10. Beware of tuk tuk driver that says he can take you anywhere you want to go for 1 baht!  You can read all about my experience here.  🙂

DearWorldTraveler - Bangkok Tips

All images are copyright protected. © Phylicia Munn

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