7 Sites To See In Singapore


If you’re looking for a place to visit in Asia that resembles a major American city, Singapore is it!  Filled with skyscrapers, clean streets with modern cars, buses and a metro system, it may feel like a home away from home for you.  English is even one of it’s official languages.

On the weekends you’ll find a lot of people in the malls to escape the heat.  Singapore is near the equator…so yea, it’s hot.  There are also sporadic rain showers throughout the day but nothing unbearable.  When I was there the rain showers lasted less than 10 minutes a piece.  Keep that in mind when packing.  A rain jacket or a small umbrella could be useful.

Overall, I had a great time exploring the country with fresh eyes.  Here are 7 sites to see if Singapore is on your travel list.  If not, hopefully this post will make you reconsider. 🙂


DearWorldTraveler - 7 Sites to see in Singapore

Covered in lush green plant life, Gardens by the Bay is highly known for it’s Supertree Grove which is made up of tree-like structures that are about as tall as a 16-story building.  This is without a doubt one of Singapore’s most iconic areas!  Let’s not forget…it’s a great photo op!  Gardens by the Bay is also home to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall inside Cloud Forest.  

With over 300 stores and luxury brands ranging from Prada to Mui Mui to Louis Vuitton to the list goes on, ION Orchard Mall is any shopper’s paradise. Located on Orchard Road in Singapore it’s amidst several other shops and eateries.  This is also a great place to catch a break from the heat outside and soak up some A/C!

If you don’t eat seafood skip to site #4 because this is all about Jumbo Seafood’s Chilli Crab!  I mean just look at it.  It looks beyond delicious and really is!  I’m not a fan of spicy food but I couldn’t resist.  Many consider this the national dish of Singapore so give it a try when you’re in town.  They even give you a bib to wear while you eat (as you see pictured on bae in the background).

Have you ever seen a hotel with a ship on top??  Within the “ship” at the top of this hotel is an infinity pool and an observation deck that provides a pretty nice view of the Singapore skyline.

Located at the mouth of the Singapore River, this is a great place to enjoy dining and entertainment along the waterfront.  You can also take an evening river cruise from here to watch a lights show at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.  If you’re feeling adventurous try an “ice cream sandwich” from one of the local vendors along the river. 🙂  DearWorldTraveler - 7 Sites to see in Singapore

Has anyone seen a better looking police station?  Formally a police station, the building was renovated in 1999 and is now the headquarters for Ministry of Communications and Information.  Another great photo op!

This is the hotel I stayed in during my visit to Singapore.  It has a 5-star rating and the architecture is stunning.  It’s walls are surrounded by curves and layers covered in greenery.  As a plus, the Raffles Place metro stop is less than a 10 minute walk away which makes this a convenient location for getting around easily.  I’d absolutely recommend this hotel for your stay in Singapore!

 Are there any places in Singapore you recommend visiting or want to see?  Leave a comment and let me know!  I’m always happy to hear tips for my next visit! 🙂

All images are copyright protected. © Phylicia Munn

8 thoughts on “7 Sites To See In Singapore

  1. You missed out Universal Studios Singapore, S.E.A. Aquarium and the Adventure Cove Waterpark! These are attractions on Sentosa you might wish to check out.


  2. Added to my list! I just finished reading a fiction novel based in Singapore. Reading your post has cemented its spot on my bucket list.


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